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At a Glance

  • Total area: 2,052 km2
  • Total population: about 4 million
  • About 55% of the labor force has completed tertiary education
  • Winner of the GO SMART Award Special Award - the Best Vision City Plan Award in 2022
  • Winner of the ICF Top1 award, the first global smart city award in 2022

2030 Vision of New Taipei City

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         Economic Power of               New Taipei City        

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New Taipei  taiwAn
New Taipei City has a Similar population with Los Angeles.
The area of New Taipei City is 1.2-times larger than London.

Six Major Industrial Regions and Two Cross-domain Fields

Finance and Digital Technology

Finance and Digital Technology

With the full-scale development supported by the MRT network and industrial parks as well as solid foundations laid by the manufacturing and service technology industry in Wutai and Sanlu, we have fostered Xinzhuang and Banqiao as financial and digital technology hubs.

Smart Logistics

Smart Logistics

Integrating the advantages of Taipei Port and the resources of Linkou’s manufacturing sector and the ICT industry, we are committed to assisting businesses in developing as smart manufacturing and logistics centers.

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

Through the digital transformation plan of the manufacturing industry and the combination of industrial functions of Tucheng and Shulin, traditional industry is guided to develop smart manufacturing.

Biotechnology Information Communication

Biotechnology Information Communication

Together with Xizhi’s advantage in the biotechnology information and communication section, biotechnology and precision medical industries are encouraged in accordance with the development of the Second Industrial Park in Ruifang.

Advanced medical materials, green energy, smart electric vehicles

Advanced medical materials, green energy, smart electric vehicles

Taking Huiyao Industrial Park as the hinterland, advanced medical material industry is built in Zhonghe by combining with the research and development energy of Shuang Ho Hospital. Linked with Hon Hai Technology Group, Yulon Motor, and the Mobility In Harmony Open EV Platform, an industry cluster of green energy and smart electric vehicle is established with the aid of R&D resources of Baogao Industrial Park.

Value-added Traditional Industry

Value-added Traditional Industry

Urban-rural innovations of Sanxia and Yingge promote the establishment of ceramic craft parks and assist practitioners of the industry in digital upgrading and transformation.

Investment Advantage

  • Convenient transportation with two seaports, two airports, three rings, and six lines
  • A working population of 2.05 million
  • Over 300,000 registered enterprises, businesses, and factories; the highest in the country
  • Densely distributed industrial areas with diverse and robust industrial settlements
  • One-stop business invitation window, dedicated land-matching hotline, one-stop registration services
  • 91.83% water supply saturation and fees lower than that of the United States, China, Vietnam, and South Korea
  • 100% power supply saturation with fees lower than that of China, Vietnam, and South Korea

Investment Environment

Case Studies


DEKRA recognizes Taiwan's geographical advantages and potential for technological development and believes that Taiwan will play a major strategic role in the Asia-Pacific region in the future.

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Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. has officially finalized the construction of a commercial building in Linkou Media Park.

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Xinban Special District is anticipated to drive investment potential in New Taipei City.

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Far Eastern Tpark

By continuously creating value for its customers and shareholders, Far Eastern drives its subsidiaries to become leaders in their industries.

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BES Engineering Inc.

Thanks to the New Taipei City Government's support and assistance, the investment made by BES Engineering in the AI Science Division of Tucheng Industrial Park was a great success, solidifying a foundation for future AI and intelligence technology development.

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Foxconn Technology Group

Foxconn thanks the New Taipei City Government for its commitment to helping local enterprises. The Company will continue to grow in Taiwan and contribute to Taiwanese society.

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Mayor's Remarks

By upholding a philosophy of "welfare, convenience, and love," we stand together with the people and enterprises in resolving investment problems quickly and effectively, thereby building a safe, prosperous, and happy city.

New Taipei City targets potential investors from all over the world. We are committed to eliminating investment obstacles for both foreign and domestic investors.

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